Fieldstone Community Farm Society was started by a small group of individuals who envisioned a way to address pressing issues facing our community such as food security (enough healthy food for everyone), poverty, isolation, and the need for each member of a community to feel valued. Our farm will focus on providing training opportunities for people with a developmental disability (aka mental handicap) in the areas of organic produce, meat, and fiber production.

The ideal location for this community development project would be on south Vancouver Island in the Capital Regional District (CRD). This would allow participants and volunteers to access public transit. If you would like you may read up about The Land Conservancy operation.

Our Philosophy

Imagine a place where people would feel welcome to come and learn about organic farming. A beautiful farm that would attract people from all walks of life; of varying abilities, ethnicities & socioeconomic backgrounds. Imagine a place that is comfortable and welcoming — a place where funders, participants and volunteers would enjoy coming to learn and share their expertise. A place where issues like food security, healthy farming practices, poverty and isolation would be addressed in a natural way.

We believe there is someone living on the ideal property who will embrace our vision. This person or persons will understand the term “ideal property” is a wish that will expedite the programs in being fully functional and be an irresistible place for people to come to learn, to volunteer, to fund and to be drawn to come and spend time.

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