We believe that everyone who is involved with our farm will have the opportunity to learn greatly about how to participate in and enrich their broader communities.

One thing that everybody has in common is that we all have hopes and dreams. By being involved in our farm project, we believe that participants with developmental disabilities will not only learn valuable skills but will develop their abilities to realize and strive for their dreams. Aside from experiencing the fruition of team work by growing and marketing organic produce, rearing meat animals, and harvesting fiber, these individuals will develop their connection to others by becoming part of the fabric of the community.

Participation and volunteering will be the backbone of our farm. It will be an exchange. Initially volunteers and WWOOFers will be drawn here to offer expertise and support in many areas of running the farm. These volunteers will be individuals, corporate volunteer initiatives, and community groups. Our belief is that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, standing in the community, or IQ, is both a student and teacher. This exchange fosters a better understanding of the value of community.

Our funders will be individuals, small businesses, corporations, and foundations who embrace the principles on which Fieldstone Community Farm are based. They will hold a firm belief that every person in society has something of value to contribute and that sometimes they need help and encouragement to do so. There as many models for contributing as there are ideas.

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